Game of Thrones : What Would Make Me Cry

First of all, I would like to trust you guys for not watching the leaked videos on the internet or not commenting what will really happen even if you did. I welcome guesses and theories but not the spoiler coming from the leaked footage. Also a huge spoiler alert to those who haven't seen episode 5.

Now I want to mention beforehand that I read some of the blogs on the same matter, the scene where Daenerys arrived in the beach on her dragon and Jon patted on the dragon, who actually loved it. Well, I'm not denying anything there. The only thing I want to do is just mentioning my personal feelings and expectations, and also sharing how thrilled I am with my gut telling me that I might get to see what I have been waiting to see.

Ever since Jon arrived in Dragonstone and met Danny, the relationship between them, not just a political or strategical one but a personal one, has been gradually built toward a certain apex. Trust and maybe the feelings closer to love have started to grow between them. Danny said, "have grown accustomed to you," but I replaced it with another word right away. Anyway, the scene with Jon, Danny and Dragon was the huge moment, though I don't call it a game changer because it added a huge momentum to it but the momentum was moving basically in that direction already.

And there's the words that you all know and that assured me that they would certainly have the feelings at least close to love (or love) to each other :

"The dragon has three heads. There are two men in the world who I can trust, if I can find them. I will not be alone then. We will be three against the world, like Aegon and his sisters."

Alter this scene, these words have been reverberating time and time again in my head. So if Danny, who believes these words, after all she has been through, realizes that Jon is another dragon head and they share the feeling and knowledge together, I am 1000 % sure that I cannot contain myself and cry! I, along with the other apexes of other plot lines, have been dying to see this. (That said, there might be a twist in there but I am flexible. 🙂 but I want this!)

So what are you waiting for?

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A Questionnaire about One Plot Line in Game of Thrones

Source: A Questionnaire about One Plot Line in Game of Thrones

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A Questionnaire about One Plot Line in Game of Thrones

So since I am on vacation right now, I've got some time to produce things. I am posting articles from time to time on several fan sites I belong to. So I created a questionnaire about one plot line in Game of Thrones. But once again, if you haven't watched Season 7 Episode 5 and don't want any spoilers, I talk about that episode a lot so I advise you to visit there after watching the episode. Thank you always for visiting my blog! I really appreciate that!

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Recap & Reactions to Game of Thrones S7E5 uploaded to Youtube


Well, I am a tad hectic so I posted an audio file of my recap and reactions of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 on Youtube. If you like, please visit and listen to it. I was excited and I talked off the top of my head so if there’s a part where I do not make any sense, I am sorry.

I cannot believe there’s only two episodes left this season!

And I want to read the next book!


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The Victory for the Real Fans : Record Breaking Viewership for S7E4

Source: The Victory for the Real Fans : Record Breaking Viewership for S7E4

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The Victory for the Real Fans : Record Breaking Viewership for S7E4

(Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the Spoils of War, I have memes and references to what happened in the episode after this)

Game of Series Season 7 Episode 4, the Spoils of War broke the record by topping the record-breaking 10.2 viewers at 9 p.m. time. Well, guys, despite the leaks and leakers’ comment that HBO would take a fall, I think this is the answer by fans. This leak is like a terror attack and people DID NOT BEND THEIR KNEES! Kudos to you all, guys! Man, you guys did an AWESOME job!

So I would like to celebrate it as always by showcasing some of the memes and gifs I found here and there on the internet. I also want to bend my knees to the creators of those memes who entertained me with their talents.

So how many days do I have to wait till the next episode is released? AND HOW MANY EPISODES DO WE HAVE LEFT THIS SEASON? Oh, God, I will go nuts if I think of these two questions.

I love the cave one! I'm like, "Bet you do, dude!" 🙂

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After watching Season 7 Episode. Of Game of Thrones

I posted this first to the fan site I belonged to.

(First off, I will give u a heads-up. This contains spoilers about events happened till Season 7 Episode 4. I also mentioned a little about preview video of Episode 5 HBO aired at the end of the show and some delusions I got from them)

Well, you call this cliffhanger? Well, cliffhanger is so much better because if I let go, it's over. I can't end this! Every frickin' storyline has started to change its course. People who have been dreaming to see each other will reunite. A human and magical creatures who will be meant to fight together will meet. And how will the heroes know about where they come from if they are to find about it at all? So tantalizing!

Well, I see so many elaborate reviews and breakdowns so I have nothing more to add. But I just can't stay silent so I jus want to holler. I wish if I wake up tomorrow, I find it's the day HBO uploads episode 5.

But really, thank you HBO and all the creative people. Every week my soul is experiencing an ultimate roller coaster ride. I felt so darn good when the retributions had been done by Arya. Every time a stark family member went through the gate of Winterfell, I had hard time holding my tears back. And Daenerys and Jon! My God! After 10000 pages and dozens of episodes, we know well about characters so every meeting has the meanings. And they are not all good…like Ellaria and the Mountain…

Just by the preview trailer, I can see at least Jon and Drogon will greet each other and Jon will reunite with Night King… there are so many characters I want to keep us posted.

OK, tantalize me all you want. I will wait till next Sunday night, dodging all the leaked footage and rundowns which malicious people try to spoil our fun with… only to be tantalized again!

PS I'll leave accurate analysis to the wonderful blog on Littlefinger by another guy but when I saw Littlefinger showed a tad troubled face (at least it seemed to me that way), I said in my mind, what cha gonna do, dude? Well, hope he's going to take a fall this time! Now there's a girl trained by nobody is here!)

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