A Questionnaire about One Plot Line in Game of Thrones

So since I am on vacation right now, I've got some time to produce things. I am posting articles from time to time on several fan sites I belong to. So I created a questionnaire about one plot line in Game of Thrones. But once again, if you haven't watched Season 7 Episode 5 and don't want any spoilers, I talk about that episode a lot so I advise you to visit there after watching the episode. Thank you always for visiting my blog! I really appreciate that!


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Recap & Reactions to Game of Thrones S7E5 uploaded to Youtube


Well, I am a tad hectic so I posted an audio file of my recap and reactions of Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 5 on Youtube. If you like, please visit and listen to it. I was excited and I talked off the top of my head so if there’s a part where I do not make any sense, I am sorry.

I cannot believe there’s only two episodes left this season!

And I want to read the next book!


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The Victory for the Real Fans : Record Breaking Viewership for S7E4


Source: The Victory for the Real Fans : Record Breaking Viewership for S7E4

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The Victory for the Real Fans : Record Breaking Viewership for S7E4

(Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t seen the Spoils of War, I have memes and references to what happened in the episode after this)

Game of Series Season 7 Episode 4, the Spoils of War broke the record by topping the record-breaking 10.2 viewers at 9 p.m. time. Well, guys, despite the leaks and leakers’ comment that HBO would take a fall, I think this is the answer by fans. This leak is like a terror attack and people DID NOT BEND THEIR KNEES! Kudos to you all, guys! Man, you guys did an AWESOME job!

So I would like to celebrate it as always by showcasing some of the memes and gifs I found here and there on the internet. I also want to bend my knees to the creators of those memes who entertained me with their talents.

So how many days do I have to wait till the next episode is released? AND HOW MANY EPISODES DO WE HAVE LEFT THIS SEASON? Oh, God, I will go nuts if I think of these two questions.

I love the cave one! I'm like, "Bet you do, dude!" ūüôā

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After watching Season 7 Episode. Of Game of Thrones

I posted this first to the fan site I belonged to.

(First off, I will give u a heads-up. This contains spoilers about events happened till Season 7 Episode 4. I also mentioned a little about preview video of Episode 5 HBO aired at the end of the show and some delusions I got from them)

Well, you call this cliffhanger? Well, cliffhanger is so much better because if I let go, it's over. I can't end this! Every frickin' storyline has started to change its course. People who have been dreaming to see each other will reunite. A human and magical creatures who will be meant to fight together will meet. And how will the heroes know about where they come from if they are to find about it at all? So tantalizing!

Well, I see so many elaborate reviews and breakdowns so I have nothing more to add. But I just can't stay silent so I jus want to holler. I wish if I wake up tomorrow, I find it's the day HBO uploads episode 5.

But really, thank you HBO and all the creative people. Every week my soul is experiencing an ultimate roller coaster ride. I felt so darn good when the retributions had been done by Arya. Every time a stark family member went through the gate of Winterfell, I had hard time holding my tears back. And Daenerys and Jon! My God! After 10000 pages and dozens of episodes, we know well about characters so every meeting has the meanings. And they are not all good…like Ellaria and the Mountain…

Just by the preview trailer, I can see at least Jon and Drogon will greet each other and Jon will reunite with Night King… there are so many characters I want to keep us posted.

OK, tantalize me all you want. I will wait till next Sunday night, dodging all the leaked footage and rundowns which malicious people try to spoil our fun with… only to be tantalized again!

PS I'll leave accurate analysis to the wonderful blog on Littlefinger by another guy but when I saw Littlefinger showed a tad troubled face (at least it seemed to me that way), I said in my mind, what cha gonna do, dude? Well, hope he's going to take a fall this time! Now there's a girl trained by nobody is here!)

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Leakers‚Äč! You Just Made Arya’s List!


Now at this time, I am so irate! I am livid, indignant and I have blown a gasket! I am kissed off! Yes, as the title implied explicitly, it is about spoilers! Or should I say leakers in this case?

Recently a lot of news sites reported that hackers had breached HBO’s data systems and obtained data of the upcoming episodes of Game of Thrones and some other programs. I was anticipating this would happen and now episode 4 which was supposed to be on HBO next Sunday is streaming online atm (it is Saturday now) or so I have heard.

Well, I wrote “so I have heard,” because¬†I haven’t checked it out yet and I don’t intend to do that for that matter. If anything, I’m trying to avoid it as much as possible. You know why? Because there will be the consequences. There will be hell to pay!

I myself am involved in theater and it is about art. Maybe you say popular¬†dramas or novels are worthless. Science is important. Politics is important. Why you pay for¬†a load of crap like comedies, fantasies or any of those trashy things. This begs a¬†question though for me. Can¬†you live just with¬†science alone? Politics? With all due respect, if you do, you¬†are¬†maybe¬†on the¬†next level in terms of human evolution. You don’t have a mind, emotions or a heart of a sort because if you have a mind, emotions, or a heart, you¬†cannot¬†be able to¬†live¬†in the real world.

I don’t intend to say the world is tainted and all that stuff. Well, I don’t think it is a clean slate but it is another story for another time and place. Even if it isn’t tainted, you will be under stress.

The world is composed of people. People are different. And even if the world was perfect and people were all good, you would have a load of stress because people are different and you have to deal with them. The minute God created this world, there has been stress, a load of it.

Besides, this world we live in moves forward at an insane speed. You have to deal with so much more people than your ancestors did. And the world is changing, and you have to adjust yourself to the changing world every day. You are under stress. So you need to be on hiatus. You need something that will help you forget all that stressful world for a while especially when you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Something that will help you put all that aside, get refreshed and start a new day afresh, rise up and face the world.

That’s where those dramas kick in. All the sports, too. When you start to be absorbed into the world of Ice and Fire and start to tune in to your favorite characters and experience fears, joys, or even desperations for that matter, you are not yourself and you forget yourself. Or if you watch your favorite sports and enjoy the game, the same thing happens. You may love sports and hate dramas. You may love drams but hate comedies. You may love reading and hate TV. They are all the same to me. People¬†get revitalized by being absorbed into what they love. Of course, that is just one of thousand reasons why entertainment is important but you know the rest. You have been there. Everyone needs¬†dramas¬†or football or favorite music or whatever that¬†helps you forget your day¬†or¬†even yourself. And they do not come from¬†thin air. They are created and it¬†requires a lot of money to create them.

So that’s why I try to subscribe and duly pay for what I get. I subscribe HBO, Netflix, HULU (with Showtime), CBS online, WWE Network, the New York Times, the Washington Post and New Yorker. I try to show my support by subscribing the creators of what I am enjoying because if I watch their programs without paying, it would be like stealing and eating food without paying for it. It will damage the vendors and if everyone does that, that will put them out of business.

That’s why in real life or online for that matter the minute I see a person I am talking to just watches those shows without subscribing them, I kind of¬†tune out. I sometimes try not to but I cannot help¬†thinking that those are the people who corrupt and¬†wittingly or unwittingly¬†undermine¬†creators who might provide us with masterpieces. I cannot go nonchalant and indifferent. They are hurting creators and they are hurting me.

So if you come across episode 4 streaming anywhere else but on HBO, please do not watch. If you stream real episode 4 before it happens on HBO, or even just watch those leaked episodes and spread the word about them, then there will be fewer subscribers in the future, which will hurt HBO and then eventually we will destroy the industry and will not get epic creations like Game of Thrones and West World! There will be the repercussions! 

So spoilers, or leakers, you know what happens if you spoil? You know what happens if you spoil and damage HBO? You just made Arya’s list! Valar Morghulis.


and the leakers! You just made the list!


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Game of Thrones Memes Are Here: What Else Could I Do?


What else could I do? I am so inspired by you….

This is a part of the lyrics of For the Longest Time by Billy Joel, not Ed Sheeran. Well, if you get it, dude, you are too deep into Game of Thrones…Like me! You are my bro! ūüôā

Now, I am sorry if I sound too hyped! There is so many good dramas atm, I just cannot contain myself! And Game of Thrones. I wrote calmly about the reviews and yadda yadda, rating some drama series I am into, well, Game of Thrones is on top of the list! How can I know? I can wait for another episode of any other drama series but I am SO head over heels about Game of Thrones, I cannot wait!


(I am this much into GoT. I bought all these in NYC last summer)

Hey, where the he** are you, Jon and Daenerys!, walking through the underground maze in the episode 4 preview? Arya, what are you going to do about the situation in Winterfell? That frickin' big bow scares the he** out of me! Don't kill any dragons or werewolves, got that? If you do, I am going to carve you like Sam did to Jorah Mormont and then dump you into the shithole of the Library….

Sorry about some French I use. That's how contained I am.

Now Billy Joel's song goes, "what else can I do?" Yes, to wait for episode 4 is a torture. I can do nothing but finding memes and have fun.  So for the likes of me over there, I will introduce some memes here.


So this is what my summer vacation looks like! He** yeah!


Another "H**l yeah!" here. Yes, Arya! I knew you were the one who would give me catharsis when Season 7 started. You know why?


I really want to see them again somewhere in the later episodes. I personally want to make a meme, where Ned and these three guys are standing, watching over Arya playing with Nymeria smiling just like the last scene of the original Star Wars series.


As I was writing a lot about Starks, Jon, and Daenerys and I am their huge fan like you can see from what I wrote, I am also a secret admirer of Cersei Lannister. I believe she is one of my favorite villains in TV history!



Sorry, not sorry is my favorite phrase I learned in NYC last year but another hell yeah! I cannot imagine what kind of havoc she is capable of wreaking before she goes! But don't kill any dragons, plz. They have to fight white walkers with three Targariens on their backs!!

Now for something completely different. Here is the one shows us how long we have been with the show:


Wow! I didn't know that guy who left the ring in last Wrestlemania was Bran! Well, if you are not a WWE fan, this is a bad joke. Just forget about it and move on please. My bad.

And finally, for those who have seen all the episodes, here are some funniest ones I found so far!


I don't think you need no explanation if you have watched those episodes. If you don't get it, watch it again! You did not pay attention! (That's actually a famous answer by G. R. R. Martin!

"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

Well. I hope this will not be the case at least for the TV version. Though I prepare myself for the book version, at least I want a better ending for TV. I know I have a weak heart and some people out there holler, "Don't be a wuss." But can't be helped.

So I hope your summer will be something like this with Game of Thrones and lots of other dramas!



Ops! Doesn't look good at all, not by the long shot! But sorry not sorry! ūüôā

Well, I got two words for you…. Not!




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