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This is a New Globalized Era or/and American People are so Fair

  As I said time and time again (or once?), I like professional wrestling. In a sense, it can’t be helped because about 45 years ago, when I was a young kid, professional wrestling was one of the most popular … Continue reading

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I am a kid!

As I had a little conversation with my friend on a facebook page and some of her words have made me realize one fact. I am not conscious of time, my age, or anything else. There exist only me and … Continue reading

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One more month

Till when? Till I am free from this busy period and have a week off. A few week have passed by since the last entry. I am still busy like 6 days a week working 12 hours at the office, … Continue reading

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Indoor Trainer

Yesterday, I was able to get off from work a little earlier so I rode about 10 miles on the way home. I was able to ride about 35 miles together with the morning ride yesterday. This morning, the road … Continue reading

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