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I love American dramas so I talk about them.

Review of Game of Thrones S7 so far and some predictions (with Twin Peaks S3 so far) : Lots of Spoilers!

Alright everyone! I feel like this will be a festival week. Do you know why? Because next Sunday (here in Japan next Monday) the season finale of Game of Thrones Season 7 will be aired. I am really saddened by … Continue reading

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Leakers​! You Just Made Arya’s List!

  Now at this time, I am so irate! I am livid, indignant and I have blown a gasket! I am kissed off! Yes, as the title implied explicitly, it is about spoilers! Or should I say leakers in this … Continue reading

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Game of Thrones Memes Are Here: What Else Could I Do?

  What else could I do? I am so inspired by you…. This is a part of the lyrics of For the Longest Time by Billy Joel, not Ed Sheeran. Well, if you get it, dude, you are too deep … Continue reading

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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow

  I have to apologize, really and truly, from the bottom of my heart. I was going to write a lot this year but I am in the busiest department this year and this is the second busiest season of … Continue reading

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Winona Earp, the First Season: Should I Keep Watching this?

Spoiler alert. I will write a rundown of the first episode to some extent (not everything) so get ready for it if you read this short review though I try to keep it as little as possibly can. Ok. I watched episode … Continue reading

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Bushido #2 : Its Background

  Let me write about Bushido again. Today it’s about history and what’s behind it. If you are not intrigued by the entangled talk of mind and philosophy, it’s not for you. I just want to give you a heads-up … Continue reading

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Bushido #1 : On Japanese Sword Fighting

If you read my review on Iron Fist, you probably noticed that I pointed out several times that there are many differences between a real Japanese way of wielding swords and that of western fighters or Chinese sword fighters. There … Continue reading

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