Seriously Netflix, Not So Fast, I mean thank you, Oh My God, I can’t sleep.

So this is March 18th, 2017. 2:35 a.m. Well, if I am in a five-day work system, I would be happy but I am not. Actually, tomorrow, I took a paid leave but not to have a relaxing day but to attend my son’s graduation ceremony. I swear, I would stay up all night and watch “Iron Fist” for any other reason. But my son’s graduation means a lot to me so I figure I got to hit the sack now. The last thing I want is to fall asleep while I am at the ceremony.

Today Netflix released Iron Fist. I started to subscribe Netflix last year so I didn’t know how things work. I thought one episode comes each and every week like The Game of Thrones. I thought all the episodes were there because I started to subscribe after they finished the season. No! They just upload the whole episodes on the releasing day!

Well, I want to thank Netflix for that! Tomorrow will be my “binge-watch” day! I will watch everything on this weekend. Then I will watch all the defenders one more time and wait for May, when the word is they will release “the defenders.”

There are many harsh criticism about Iron Fist, at least on YouTube. Well, for better or worse, I am not a hard-ass who is criticizing almost all the dramas with squinted eyes. I want to enjoy as many dramas as possible and I will be generous to enjoy so I can enjoy more shows. I try not to be gruff. So please keep that in mind. Of course when I can’t enjoy the show, I will give it straight like a little boy who shocks adults who usually suppress those comments.

So what did I think of the first two episodes of Iron Fist? So far so good. I like sidekicks.  I like Danny. I can’t rate it yet but I would give above 8 if it keeps this tension. I will review everything when I am done.

Before I leave, Ima tell you a little something. I ordered MacBook Pro 13 (without toucher because I can’t afford it). I am not a huge fan of PCs but I love Apple products. I have been using MacBooks ever since they released the first lap-top about a quarter of century ago. I bought a Sony once but one VAIO and that was it. And you know what I love best about it. It came with retina display, which is supposed to have one of the most beautiful display in the world for a laptop. Can’t wait to watch Netflix on that computer.

That’t it for now. Got to get to sleep!







About dw64 (or Masa(aki) or Mark)

I am 52-year-old Japanese male. Ever since I watched Sesame Street when I was VERY young (5 years old?). I fell in love with American English and culture. I learned English hard and now I am teaching it. Then when I was 18, I had an opportunity to stay with an American family in Shell Knob, Missouri and I asked them to educate me as an American kid. So they taught me the American way and even my taste for food has changed completely so I call this rebirth! Then when I was 30 (I visited the U.S. several times but they were short stays), I joined the MA course in teaching English of graduate school in Vermont. I stayed about 10 months there (it was an intensive course). I stayed in a dorm and learned a lot inside and outside of classrooms. I got all the credits but I failed because of the difference in the context between the U.S. and JAPAN cuz it is so hard to teach English in The way I learned in the course because in Japan, teaching is about understanding grammar and structure in Japanese. But my journey does not end here. Last year I was admitted the CELTA course in NYC where I worked hard and got this certificate that certifies that I had finished the course and qualified to teach English to people who want learn English as a second language by Cambridge University standard. So if you are one of those people, send me a message and I can help you learn American English (I got this at Cambridge but basically they teach different English depending on location). Why did I pick NYC? Well, I am a huge fan of American everything! I live the country even when that demagogue guy is the President so I am an authentic fan of it. I mean, I love the U.S. more than anything in this world. There was a guy who loved Japan so much so after he retired he came to Japan and became a citizen. I want to do the same, actually. So now I am so into it, I listen to NYC CBS radio 880 all the time except when I watch dramas on Netflix, HBO or HULLU or read paperbacks on Kindle (read 70 books in the last two years). And then I am writing in English. I hope to be able to write something publishable in the future but I have to learn some more. As for my learning, I have almost done usual stuff so now I decide to do things that native speakers who wish to be writers will do. At least I learned 8000 words and phrases in the last couple years and I confirmed that I know more than 22000 words, which is tantamount to the number of words American graduate school students have. Well I might talk about these things, too, but I will talk about my favorite things in this blog. I love American dramas. I love the ones with some sci-fi portion in it. Like, from HULU, Gotham, Lucifer, Fringe, etc. I love good comedies so I love Seinfeld, SNL and night shows. Netflix? Luke Cage, Daredevil, and other defenders. I love legends of tomorrow, too. HBO, Game of Thrones!! And I also loved Night of and West World. I also might talk about cycling (road biking) and all other stuff! Please feel free to comment!
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