The Defenders : Heroes for Hire (Netflix)

The Defenders : Heroes for Hire (Netflix)

(The one I am looking forward to most at this time)


Come as you are

Come as you were

As I want you to be


As a friend

As a friend

As an old enemy

Come as You Are  By Nirvana


So did you check out the teaser trailer of The Defenders? If your answer is a big yes, you are a big fan of the series and just keep on enjoying all the information trickling down onto YouTube and other social media or a plethora of websites by drama buffs like myself.


If you have never heard of the defenders, think of it as D.C. version of avengers teaming with much more darkness. Just to give you an idea of whether it is good for you or not, I will rate the violence and obscenity level of each show.


Violence              obscenity

Avengers.                                           0                           0

Batman                                               0                           0

Flash.                                                 0                           0

Arrow                                                  1                           0

Batman (Dark Knight)                    4                             0

Daredevil.                                         3                           1

Luke Cage.                                      4                           4

Game of Thrones.                           6                           7

Jesica Jones                                     10                           6


Well, that’s what I thought. For most of adult viewers, it might be nothing but sometimes there might be sensitive viewers reading this blog post and don’t want to get them traumatized. So I gave you a warning.


Now without further ado, who are the defenders? As I mentioned above, they are like the avengers, a team of heroes : Daredevil, Luck Cage. Jessica Jones and Iron Fist. But they carry so much darkness inside their life and their situations they were in were so full of sins. At the end of the first teaser trailer starting with Come As You Are by Nirvana, it ends with the words, “You can’t even save yourselves.” These are the exact words that showcase their characters.


Daredevil is a blind lawyer who, in exchange for his sight, gained super senses with which he can even see things, though blurry, better than people with sight for his purposes. I will not spoil too much for those who want to binge-watch them before the defenders begin.


Then Luke Cage. He and Jessica Jones will end up as a couple at the end of Jessica Jones. He got plenty of adversaries in his series but one of them is the gang who controls everything from 110th street to 155th street. I liked the scene where the boss of the gang told his men to extort everything from everyone living between those streets. I was living on the 103rd street upper west side when I was in NYC and when I miss my station half drowsing, I found myself in 110th station or even higher uptown like 116th (C train). I remember the air changes every time I go beyond 110th street. When I saw the exactly the same sign I saw on Malcom X street right outside the north end of Central Park, I found myself grinning with nostalgic feelings. “Literally Bullet proof” Luke Cage is also full of problems but I feel he is the most sound one among a horde of heroes in a hot mess.


Now Jessica! (I heard the tone of Kilgrave!) She maybe the most troubled young lady. And it is not her bad. Kilgrave is the guy who made her bear so much on her shoulders. Even Luke Cage’s wife’s death is involved in the story but I will keep mum about it just to avoid spoilers. But when you watch Jessica Jones, be ready to watch lots of splatter like scenes. Even I felt a little disgusted by some of the scenes and looked at my computer screen through my fingers at the corners of my squinted eyes.


And Iron Fist. Since I am not a comic book reader, I know nothing about this man except some of the backgrounds I gathered from some teaser videos. But I don’t mind a little spoilers but I want to be surprised by unexpected plots when I see new dramas for the first time so I try to avoid them as much as humanly possible. So this guy went on missing for years and during that period he has trained deep in the mountains of Asia and came back as an iron fist. Whatever that is, apparently he mastered some mysterious Asian martial arts so he can fight side by side with other vigilantes. My gut tells me (well anybody’s guess basically) that he has so much trouble that he should also be in a hot mess.


Now these four people who are in a hot mess in their real live will “defend” NYC. I think their main adversaries will be yakuza (Japanese mafia) and Chinese syndicate. As for the Japanese yakuza, maybe I should describe them as “an ancient secret sect that believes in some weird idea and wield sort of magic. Either way, I cannot wait to watch Iron Fist and The Defenders.


So when does it start? Some guy decoded the teaser trailer (how the paper glued to the wall and what it said on it and under it on the wall) and predicted it would be May 17th or something but I am not sure. that’s about the time. I will just post the 1st and 2nd teaser trailer so if you’re interested or just curious, please check them out for yourselves and write comments if you find anything at all. I watched it but I guess I am not cut out for decoding, not by the long shot. Video footage is per se not bad.


Now my expectations is the highest level. Hope it will make my top 10 lest this year!


Well actually, as I wrote in the last post, I AM HECTIC! This is for a change. So here are trailers! Have fun!!









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