Tomorrow, Mountain biking

“Winter vacation!! Hip hip hooray!!” I cried when I got up this morning. “Not so fast, honey,” my wife heartlessly announced. Though I had to work on 22nd, 23rd and 24th (In Japan, they are all holidays), I was able to get into winter holidays earlier than ordinary Japanese people. But here comes OO-SOUJI period, when my wife expects me to clean up literally all corners of my house. Though I want to spend a whole day reading the grammar book I just received yesterday or indulge in Season 7 episodes of Seinfeld, I have got myself a huge clean-up job!

Then I have a saving grace! Tomorrow I will go mountain biking with my Canadian colleague/friend! This is the paramount event of this winter vacation and it is happening tomorrow! Yesterday I went to a near-by bicycle shop to get my rear brake fixed and then how shiny all those mountain bikes in the showcase looked! Well, this year Santa Clause did not pay a visit to me (I wasn’t a naughty boy) and was not able to get one but someday. 🙂

Wish you (whoever so generous to read this post) very merry Christmas!


About dw64 (or Masa(aki) or Mark)

I am 52-year-old Japanese male. Ever since I watched Sesame Street when I was VERY young (5 years old?). I fell in love with American English and culture. I learned English hard and now I am teaching it. Then when I was 18, I had an opportunity to stay with an American family in Shell Knob, Missouri and I asked them to educate me as an American kid. So they taught me the American way and even my taste for food has changed completely so I call this rebirth! Then when I was 30 (I visited the U.S. several times but they were short stays), I joined the MA course in teaching English of graduate school in Vermont. I stayed about 10 months there (it was an intensive course). I stayed in a dorm and learned a lot inside and outside of classrooms. I got all the credits but I failed because of the difference in the context between the U.S. and JAPAN cuz it is so hard to teach English in The way I learned in the course because in Japan, teaching is about understanding grammar and structure in Japanese. But my journey does not end here. Last year I was admitted the CELTA course in NYC where I worked hard and got this certificate that certifies that I had finished the course and qualified to teach English to people who want learn English as a second language by Cambridge University standard. So if you are one of those people, send me a message and I can help you learn American English (I got this at Cambridge but basically they teach different English depending on location). Why did I pick NYC? Well, I am a huge fan of American everything! I live the country even when that demagogue guy is the President so I am an authentic fan of it. I mean, I love the U.S. more than anything in this world. There was a guy who loved Japan so much so after he retired he came to Japan and became a citizen. I want to do the same, actually. So now I am so into it, I listen to NYC CBS radio 880 all the time except when I watch dramas on Netflix, HBO or HULLU or read paperbacks on Kindle (read 70 books in the last two years). And then I am writing in English. I hope to be able to write something publishable in the future but I have to learn some more. As for my learning, I have almost done usual stuff so now I decide to do things that native speakers who wish to be writers will do. At least I learned 8000 words and phrases in the last couple years and I confirmed that I know more than 22000 words, which is tantamount to the number of words American graduate school students have. Well I might talk about these things, too, but I will talk about my favorite things in this blog. I love American dramas. I love the ones with some sci-fi portion in it. Like, from HULU, Gotham, Lucifer, Fringe, etc. I love good comedies so I love Seinfeld, SNL and night shows. Netflix? Luke Cage, Daredevil, and other defenders. I love legends of tomorrow, too. HBO, Game of Thrones!! And I also loved Night of and West World. I also might talk about cycling (road biking) and all other stuff! Please feel free to comment!
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2 Responses to Tomorrow, Mountain biking

  1. pudgycyclist says:

    Merry Christmas to you my friend! I see you are switching out from road to mountain for the season. Take lots of pictures!

  2. Thanks, and Merry Chrismas to you too! I like mountain bikes, too and mainly ride them during the winter season. Hope I can report it with lots of pictures.

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