Game of Thrones Memes Are Here: What Else Could I Do?


What else could I do? I am so inspired by you….

This is a part of the lyrics of For the Longest Time by Billy Joel, not Ed Sheeran. Well, if you get it, dude, you are too deep into Game of Thrones…Like me! You are my bro! 🙂

Now, I am sorry if I sound too hyped! There is so many good dramas atm, I just cannot contain myself! And Game of Thrones. I wrote calmly about the reviews and yadda yadda, rating some drama series I am into, well, Game of Thrones is on top of the list! How can I know? I can wait for another episode of any other drama series but I am SO head over heels about Game of Thrones, I cannot wait!


(I am this much into GoT. I bought all these in NYC last summer)

Hey, where the he** are you, Jon and Daenerys!, walking through the underground maze in the episode 4 preview? Arya, what are you going to do about the situation in Winterfell? That frickin' big bow scares the he** out of me! Don't kill any dragons or werewolves, got that? If you do, I am going to carve you like Sam did to Jorah Mormont and then dump you into the shithole of the Library….

Sorry about some French I use. That's how contained I am.

Now Billy Joel's song goes, "what else can I do?" Yes, to wait for episode 4 is a torture. I can do nothing but finding memes and have fun.  So for the likes of me over there, I will introduce some memes here.


So this is what my summer vacation looks like! He** yeah!


Another "H**l yeah!" here. Yes, Arya! I knew you were the one who would give me catharsis when Season 7 started. You know why?


I really want to see them again somewhere in the later episodes. I personally want to make a meme, where Ned and these three guys are standing, watching over Arya playing with Nymeria smiling just like the last scene of the original Star Wars series.


As I was writing a lot about Starks, Jon, and Daenerys and I am their huge fan like you can see from what I wrote, I am also a secret admirer of Cersei Lannister. I believe she is one of my favorite villains in TV history!



Sorry, not sorry is my favorite phrase I learned in NYC last year but another hell yeah! I cannot imagine what kind of havoc she is capable of wreaking before she goes! But don't kill any dragons, plz. They have to fight white walkers with three Targariens on their backs!!

Now for something completely different. Here is the one shows us how long we have been with the show:


Wow! I didn't know that guy who left the ring in last Wrestlemania was Bran! Well, if you are not a WWE fan, this is a bad joke. Just forget about it and move on please. My bad.

And finally, for those who have seen all the episodes, here are some funniest ones I found so far!


I don't think you need no explanation if you have watched those episodes. If you don't get it, watch it again! You did not pay attention! (That's actually a famous answer by G. R. R. Martin!

"If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention."

Well. I hope this will not be the case at least for the TV version. Though I prepare myself for the book version, at least I want a better ending for TV. I know I have a weak heart and some people out there holler, "Don't be a wuss." But can't be helped.

So I hope your summer will be something like this with Game of Thrones and lots of other dramas!



Ops! Doesn't look good at all, not by the long shot! But sorry not sorry! 🙂

Well, I got two words for you…. Not!




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I also Posted More Specific Reactions on Amino

So I wrote more specific reactions (partly prediction) on Amino. Please read this, too, if you feel like it.

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Review of Game of Thrones S7 so far and some predictions (with Twin Peaks S3 so far) : Lots of Spoilers!

Alright everyone! I feel like this will be a festival week. Do you know why? Because next Sunday (here in Japan next Monday) the season finale of Game of Thrones Season 7 will be aired. I am really saddened by this fact but everything comes to an end. And Season 8 will be the final season! Wow! Well at least I hear there will be the rumors (more than rumors) about spin offs and all so it will go on like Star Wars. The major epic series like this never goes away.


So if there are people out there who haven’t watched Game of Thrones 7 yet and don’t want to know anything about it. I usually subdue myself and do not let spoilers out but today I WILL TALK. So, please stop here. And I also talk a little bit about Part 16 of Twin Peaks. I will give you another spoiler alert before I start to write about it so if you have watched Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 6 but not Twin Peaks Part 15, please stop there. I am also going to write a load about my predictions. Well, this is less than a week before the season finale and I cannot hold back! This is for a die hard fan who wants to share their thoughts or feelings right now. But at the same time I am against illegal leaked information so I will delete whatever comment based on the leaked footage or any leaked information for that matter. I will officially enjoy the show.


Alright let’s cut to the chase. I am dying to know about the following :

1 How is the meeting of all those people going to transpire? I really hope there will not be another red wedding like Cersei blows up the whole colisium. My prediction is like Sercei does not agree but Jamie, Bron or everybody will go to war and even soldiers will follow.

2 How is the situation in Winterfell going to pan out? Why did Arya hand “that” knife to Sansa? Well, Littlefinger has been playing so well so far but maybe he may have fallen victim to his own wisdom. When a mastermind, a manipulator takes a fall, usually it collapses from within. He trusts his smartness so much that he falls into a pitfall. I kind of feel he is falling into that. Or Bran is doing something? There are some people who predict he will eventually be Night King. But if that’s the case, I believe Three Eyed Raven (EX) wouldn’t have handed him his position. Or did Bran even play him? It can end in any way. And why was Sansa standing on top of the settlements looking northward? She is now full aware that the army of the dead coming? Actually people in the north now are the ones least aware of how perilous situations they are in. They are really between the rock and a hard place. They are in the harm’s way. And if they survive, what kind of role will Arya and “no ones” will play?

3 What will Night King do? Maybe in the final scene, he will take down the wall? They were not so far away from the wall. And they have an ice dragon now. Many people predicted that the dragon has three heads means Danny, Jon and Tyrion are the Targaryens and they will ride three dragons. Now we know at least two of them are Danny and Night King. So Danny and Jon will fight Night King in the air battle? Let’s see.

4 Then there are so many small things even from the teaser trailer of Episode 7. Why is Theon on his knees hitting the ground with his fists? Did Greyjoy kill Yara or worse, make her his play thing and torture to death or something? Many months seem to have passes already so all the members of House Martel should have gone. Then all the unsullied and Dothraki soldiers were standing guard out side the meeting place?

5 What happened to Sam? I personally believe he is G. R. R. Martin and he will help humans pull this operation Killing Night King off.

6 And once again, nobody back stabs nobody this time right?

Alright. I will write my one time prediction (for the time being) :

They will meet at the coliseum.  All the soldiers surround the revenue. They will bring the dead. He causes some skirmishes but settled. They will unite but Cersei disagrees. Jamie and Bron, with the Glegane brothers and Brienne and Gentry march northward.

Then in Winterfell, Littlefinger will manipulate everyone and just when he is sure whatever he is up to based on his ulterior motives will work, maybe this time Sansa will play the part of someone with the instruction of Arya and nail Littlefinger.

In the final scene, this is just everyone’s guess so I lack in originality but Ice Dragon comes to the wall, he will tear everything down. Some of the members of the night watch will run to Winterfell and bring them the worse news. Then Jon Snow arrives and the season ends. In season 8, we will see how the battle will take place. They will prepare, there will be a conflict not just from the difference in there perspectives but from who will sit on the Iron Throne after the war even before they don’t know whether they can win at all.

The ending will be Jon dies and Danaerys lives with Jon’s baby in her belly. OBTW, if you are not familiar with Targayans, they will marry their siblings. That is why people are wondering if Sercei and Jamie were actually Targaryens. Then their forbidden love is justified (not really but that’s their culture).

Anyway, I CANNOT wait!


So the center of attention is whether Agent Cooper woke up from his nightmare or not. Then how will he cope with his violent doppelgänger and then these aliens (right?). Well, he realized something by the words on TV “Gordon Cole,” eventually shove the end of a folk into the outlet on the wall and electrified. I am sure that this was his wake up call.

Now we have only a couple episodes left. I hope I can find answers to many things but this is Lynch. I am watching shows knowing all that.

OBTW I preordered the book which might answer some of my questions about what the heck is happening in Twin Peaks.

So thank you for reading all this. Now let’s enjoy final episode of Game of Thrones and the last couple of episodes of Twin Peaks Returns.

And one more thing. Today I read the article about Stranger Things and it is worth mentioning. I will report on that in the next blog post.

Well, it is so much fun to watch dramas. I feel so happy to have all those “narratives” at hand.


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The Defenders : No Spoiler Review and thoughts

I’ve got to get to work tomorrow. If anything, I got stuff done in the morning. It is thirty-six past one a.m., and just finished watching the Defenders. Well, I can live with 4 hours of sleep. How would I sleep, this thrilled?

Alright. I will not spoil anything more than a trailer here, so just please read even if you haven’t finished watching all the episode yet. There are only 8 episodes there. What can I possible do except watching the whole thing over the weekend? No choice, right?

I’ll cut to the chase. I know there are many critics out there who are going to taunt the Defenders or any series calling them a load of crap. Like about the Iron fist, many people picked on the lack of practice in the actions scenes and undermine the whole season. I’ve got a different philosophy there.

I want to be entertained. So I try to be entertained. That’s my end of the bargain I will hold up. But don’t get me wrong. Just because I will make efforts to be entertained doesn’t mean I will accept any drama series. There are ones that I don’t like but if I am getting paid for writing about them, I will force myself to watch them and grunt on and on about them. But, well, I just simply ignore them. I don’t watch them so I can’t write much about them.

And the Defenders. I had a lot of fun. I read somewhere (I tried not to read anything or watch anything about them till I watch them all and write about them but I happened to take a glance at one article and well got the point from that glance. That article said it had nothing new and a plot was not developed well so it was not good. Well, I found it entertaining. I liked the relationships between everyone. Now each protagonist or supporting characters have enough depth (this is what I like about this style they do, I mean, there’s an individual series and they all come to appear in one big series ever since the Masked Rider series I had watched when I was a young kid) so there are so many feelings going up and down. And I loved the plot line, too. So if you don’t be persnickety and nicknack small stuff, you can have a very entertaining 7 hours. I was drawn into it right off the bat. I wanted to grab a cup of coffee but I was glued to the screen of my lap top for 2 hours without doing anything.

Now I want to add a couple of general thoughts about general stuff. First off, dramas. I mean, I don’t watch many movies these days. I mean, I love them but I don’t know, ever since I started to be hooked to the dramas, I cannot be satisfied with two hours! I want more! If you read my article before, I mentioned that before but I watched the whole Supernatural in 2 months. 12 seasons and each season consists of 23 episodes in average. It is tantamount to 2000 hours at least. What am I doing? At least I am not sleeping.

Then I want to talk about narratives. I don’t know why but two of my colleagues love politics or non-fiction and do not follow fictions. Literature or TV shows or in any form. Well, I feel sad. I respect individual taste but narratives to me are the most important thing on earth. And it is good for English. Well, with these alone, I listened to 3.8 hours of English everyday. (I don’t usually turn on the English caption because it is too distracting. It is funny but if I turn on the caption, I cannot help reading it so I sometimes cannot follow what they are saying. But without English captions, I listen. Then I understand everything and can follow (hear) everything they are saying. I guess I passed the improving listening stage. I am collecting good expressions to express better next time I write or say something.

Sorry about sidetracking a lot. I am trying to avoid to the spoilers then it ended up like this. It was good!

Alright. Now I am done. I’ve got to move on. Episode 6 of Games of Thrones and the new episode (I lost count) of Twin Peaks return will come out. And I love the shields of WWE and I am hoping to see them reunite! Maybe after that I will watch the Defenders again or Supernatural.

So let’s enjoy dramas. Now we are going to start to have less light. Then we have a plenty of time to watch .

And just allow me to spoil one thing:

My favorite line.

Jessica to Daredevil :  “Nice ears”

Daredevil : “They are horns.”

I love you Jesscia! And everybody else!


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Apology for A Wrong Post


This blog page is for an article in English. I posted an article in Japanese. I deleted it. Well, not that anything’s wrong with it in terms of what I wrote. That’s the truth. It is just that this webpage is meant for articles I write in English. I would like to apologize. Thanks.


OBTW, I will stay away from the internet for about a day because there are so many spoilers of Games of Thrones because some dxxxxxxxgs on the internet upload leaked vids. I will be very active after I watch it. (I cannot watch till 10 hours later because I have to work!!)

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The Defenders : My Reactions to the First 2 Episodes (General Comment, No Real Spoilers)

Another YouTube Post. It lasts about 10 mintues. Thanks!

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Game of Thrones : What Would Make Me Cry

First of all, I would like to trust you guys for not watching the leaked videos on the internet or not commenting what will really happen even if you did. I welcome guesses and theories but not the spoiler coming from the leaked footage. Also a huge spoiler alert to those who haven't seen episode 5.

Now I want to mention beforehand that I read some of the blogs on the same matter, the scene where Daenerys arrived in the beach on her dragon and Jon patted on the dragon, who actually loved it. Well, I'm not denying anything there. The only thing I want to do is just mentioning my personal feelings and expectations, and also sharing how thrilled I am with my gut telling me that I might get to see what I have been waiting to see.

Ever since Jon arrived in Dragonstone and met Danny, the relationship between them, not just a political or strategical one but a personal one, has been gradually built toward a certain apex. Trust and maybe the feelings closer to love have started to grow between them. Danny said, "have grown accustomed to you," but I replaced it with another word right away. Anyway, the scene with Jon, Danny and Dragon was the huge moment, though I don't call it a game changer because it added a huge momentum to it but the momentum was moving basically in that direction already.

And there's the words that you all know and that assured me that they would certainly have the feelings at least close to love (or love) to each other :

"The dragon has three heads. There are two men in the world who I can trust, if I can find them. I will not be alone then. We will be three against the world, like Aegon and his sisters."

Alter this scene, these words have been reverberating time and time again in my head. So if Danny, who believes these words, after all she has been through, realizes that Jon is another dragon head and they share the feeling and knowledge together, I am 1000 % sure that I cannot contain myself and cry! I, along with the other apexes of other plot lines, have been dying to see this. (That said, there might be a twist in there but I am flexible. 🙂 but I want this!)

So what are you waiting for?

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A Questionnaire about One Plot Line in Game of Thrones

Source: A Questionnaire about One Plot Line in Game of Thrones

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